The healing benefits and natural aromas of essential oils. I use them in my treatments and home life. I have personally sourced Grace Within Essential Oils.  I love these necklaces and car diffusers. They are hypo-alergic, beautiful and affordable. You only need one or two drops of essential oil to make a differance. You can get creative and mix oils. Learn what you like by wearing it through out the day. See and feel how they change. Its a natural, creative journey. 


Experience the positive health benefits provided by Essential Oils. Each locket contains a tiny piece of pad which holds a few drops of oil that slowly diffuses through the ventilation holes on the front. The scent of your oil can last for several days, but you can always top up more oil to the pad after the oil has completely diffused.

The back of the locket is solid and we offer choice of 12 beautiful laser cut designs to choose from. The lockets can be opened via a tiny slit on the right which is held together with a strong magnetic closure.


Choose from what relates to you the most:


Turtle - Peaceful Life path

Tree of Life - Immortality and Rebirth

Flower of Life - Creation and unity

Dragonfly - Hope, happiness, love

Angel wings - Freedom, protection

Gardian Angel - Protection

Hand of Fatima - Femininity, the woman's holy hand

Aromatherapy Diffuser Necklaces